7th Advanced Laparoscopic Skills Workshop – 6th September 2019

Being held at the Education Centre, Doncaster Royal Infirmary. This is a “modular” training course aimed at senior trainees in General Surgery, Urology and Gynaecology which offers extensive hands-on training in advanced laparoscopic skills, in both “dry” & “wet” lab settings, under the supervision of highly experienced faculty. Click here for programme,  application form and directions

Advanced Laparoscopic GI Surgery Course – 5th-8th August 2019

Being held at the Institute of Technology, Humanities, the Arts, Medicine and Science in Malta. The  course  aim  is  to  address  the  principle  of  optimising  the  setup  and  progress  of  advanced procedures in  this  field.  The  course  is  composed  of  both  theoretical  and  practical  components, which will  allow  the participants to familiarise themselves with the…