Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing – 8th October 2018

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Contact Name Carol Higham
Contact Email
Title of Course Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing
Dates 8 October 2018
Location (where known) Education Centre 3, Chorley & District Hospital
Provisional programme (please upload) Advanced Lap Suturing – Provisional Programme – 08.10.18.pdf
Course duration 1 day
CME points available (optional) 6
Course objectives At the end of the course delegates will be able to safely introduce and pick up appropriate needle and make a bite through tissue, be able to to undertake interrupted and continuous suturing, tie a safe laparoscopic knot
Methods of teaching Lectures, dry lab, individual laparoscopic simulator for each delegate
Target delegates ST5 & above surgical and obstetric & gynaecology trainees, newly qualified consultants, SAS docotrs
Faculty and faculty/ participant ratios 1:3
Level of experience of faculty members Consultant level and ST 7 & above – General Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Feedback forms (optional) evaluation form.docx
Cost of course per delegate £200.00
Discounts for ALSGBI members? We would recommend a discount of 5 – 10% for delegates who are members of ALSGBI A discount of £ 50 ie 20 % has already been applied.
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