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Please find attached the Programme and application form for the forthcoming Advanced Laparoscopic skills workshop on 9th June 2018. As ever, the workshop is FREE to attend (there is a nominal “admin fee”).



Application Form

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Very useful teaching. Good to learn and have the opportunity and time to practice.

Paul Ainley

Great one day course. Good faculty to delegate ratio, plenty of laparoscopic box trainers and lots of experience gained with laparoscopic suturing, stapling & energy devices. Fully recommend the course to anyone wanting to build on their laparoscopic skills.

Siddhartha Bhandary

Well done. Just some of the cameras were not up to the mark.

Mona Saad

The Advanced Laparoscopic skills workshop provided me with lots of hands on experience throughout the day. I found this to be a really enjoyable and informative workshop. The faculty and workshop accommodated for all levels of trainees including an F2 like myself!. Many thanks for the course.

rohana mir

Really useful course with helpful faculty Woud be helpful to have height adjustable tables or small stool to stand on for us shorter people!

Aemn Ismail

Excellent course, very well organized with excellent competent experienced faculty. I really enjoyed it. Thank you

Awais Ahmed

Good course for doctors in early years of training.

Thalia Petropoulou

Usefull course- I had the change to learn and practise the one hand suture tecqnique which was really helpfull. Also the bowel anastomosis section was usefull, but we needed one more hour to practise on them. I also think that the lower GI trainer should be more experienced, so we could spend less time in watching the tecqnique and more time doing it. Also, the pairing groups should be more equal as of training levels. But usefull course overall, worthing the time spend attending it.


Question Answer
Contact Name Milly Mistry
Contact Email milly.mistry@nhs.net
Title of Course Key Skills in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Dates 5th & 6th June 2018
Location (where known) Royal Derby Hospital
Provisional programme (please upload) Approval Programme Key Skills June 2018.doc
Course duration 2 days
CME points available (optional) 12
Course objectives We have developed specific animal models to teach Key Skills of Laparoscopic Dissection, Suturing & Anastomosis (stapled & handsewn). Participants can relate these skills directly to live operating during the course.
Methods of teaching Pre course DVD, short Lectures, wet lab animal model laparoscopic skills training, live operating
Target delegates Relevant to ST3 & above colorectal, upper GI & urology trainees
Faculty and faculty/ participant ratios Upper GI, colorectal & urology consultant laparoscopic surgeons.  Ratio of 1 faculty to 4 participants
Level of experience of faculty members Faculty members are all specialist laparoscopic surgeons in their own field. They are all trainers in laparoscopic surgery, several holding qualifications in medical education
Feedback forms (optional)
Cost of course per delegate £250.00
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Contact Name Louise Sore
Contact Email louise.sore@nuth.nhs.uk
Title of Course Upper GI Cancer Cadaveric Course
Dates 4-5 June 2008
Location (where known) Newcastle Surgical Training Centre
Provisional programme (please upload) Provisional programme Upper GI V1.docx
Course duration 2 days
CME points available (optional) Pending
Course objectives To experience and familiarise the various positions
Methods of teaching Cadaveric workshops and didactic lectures
Target delegates ST5-ST8 and Consultants
Faculty and faculty/ participant ratios 1:2
Level of experience of faculty members All highly experienced and expert consultant faculty members
Feedback forms (optional)
Cost of course per delegate £575
Discounts for ALSGBI members? We would recommend a discount of 5 – 10% for delegates who are members of ALSGBI Yes
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Location The Medical Education Training Centre, Kirklands Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire
Contact Name Ms Sheryl Houston
Flyer Click Here
Contact Details sheryl.houston@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk
Provisional programme Biliary Course, Kirklands
Course duration One Day
Course objectives Advanced procedure–based course highlighting the technical and logistical aspects of one session laparoscopic exploration of the bile duct. The course is designed for consultant surgeons and senior trainees who have mastered the skills of routine and emergency laparoscopic cholecystectomy and may already have experience with intra-operative cholangiography. The candidates are made familiar with the technical aspects through short interactive talks. The course has a major practical hands-on component with opportunity to practice cholangiography, trans-cystic duct cannulation and exploration, choledochotomy exploration and various methods of biliary drainage. There will be emphasis on the handling and optimal use of 3mm & 5mm choledochoscopes. Well designed animal tissue models allow for task repetition and skills development and consolidation. Adequate time is dedicated to detailed discussions of technical aspects utilising extensive video material from more than 800 Laparoscopic bile duct explorations. ISCP curriculum considers bile duct exploration a mandatory procedure and the technical skills required for ST6 (level 3) to ST8 (level 4)
CPD 6 points – RCS approved
Methods of teaching Short talks, wet lab, hands-on practice and interactive discussions
Target delegates Maximum 8 participants. Consultant surgeons and senior trainees who have mastered the skills of routine and emergency laparoscopic cholecystectomy and may already have experience with intra-operative cholangiography or bile duct exploration
Level of experience of faculty members A Nassar, 20 years experience in bile duct exploration, Director of laparoscopic and bile duct courses for EAES, choledochoscopy courses at EHPBA,IHPBA congresses and various international society meetings. Former Vice Chairman of the EAES Education and Training Committee and faculty at Cuschieri skills Centre courses, MATTU, MATTUS
S Mahmud. wide experience of laparoscopic biliary and upper GI. A special interest in bile duct exploration
H Qandeel, experience in laparoscopic surgery and bile duct exploration as well as conducting advanced laparoscopic courses at the METC, Lanarkshire
Cost of course per delegate £450
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Had very good hands on experience to perform IOC, stone retrieval, choledochoscopy, T- tube insertion and laparoscopic choledochotomy and stitching.