Laparoscopic (TAPP) Masterclass – 14th February 2019

Course: MasterClass in Laparoscopic (TAPP) Hernia Repair

Contact name: Mr Adeel Abbas Dhahri, Mr Luke Granger

Contact Email:

Location: Main Theatres, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. Hamstel Road, Harlow. CM20 1QX

Course duration: 9:00 till 17:00

Course objectives: By the end of this workshop participants will be expected to be able to Understand the ergonomics of the laparoscopic (TAPP) repair, Familiarize with the laparoscopic (TAPP) equipment and set up, Understand laparoscopic anatomy of the inguinal region, Understand the Safe laparoscopic practice during TAPP, Understand the Tips & Tricks in Laparoscopic (TAPP) repair of Inguinal Hernia, Safely exit from the abdomen.

Method of teaching: Hands-on/ Opportunity to scrub.

Target delegates: ST4 and above.

Cost of course: Free* (*security deposit of refundable £100)

CPD points:  4

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Laparoscopic Colorectal Train the Trainers Course 21st – 22nd January 2019



Contact Name

Shirley Crook

Contact Email

Title of Course

Laparoscopic Colorectal Train the Trainers Course (LAPCO TT)


21st – 22nd January 2019

Location (where known)

Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX

Provisional programme (please upload)

DELEGATE PROGRAMME 2019 – Provisional.doc

Course duration

2 days

CME points available (optional)

Course objectives

The course provides the necessary tools to improve individuals as trainers through adopting suitable coaching styles This course is not intended to teach LAPCO skills, although you may benefit from discussing different methods and approaches

Methods of teaching

Practical, small group sessions in the skills laboratory, live operative coaching lessons and discussions form the core of the course. You will be expected to work in pairs or small groups in both simulated and realistic settings. You will also be offered the chance to demonstrate your coaching skills during the live operative sessions on the second day.

Target delegates

Colorectal Consultant Surgeons

Faculty and faculty/ participant ratios

Level of experience of faculty members

Feedback forms (optional)

Cost of course per delegate


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