• The ALSGBI has a Council, chaired by the President
  • Members of Council are elected by the membership of their region
  • Honorary Officers of the Association are elected by members of Council
  • The Council meets at regular intervals and is responsible for the management of the Association affairs and for the strategic expansion of Laparoscopic Surgery and techniques by the dissemination of knowledge and advice to its membership and to the public.
  • It has the responsibility of monitoring and approving training centres in laparoscopic surgery, and providing advice on laparoscopic surgery to the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, and to organisations such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

ALSGBI Values & Code of Conduct

The ALSGBI is an inclusive organisation, which means we welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds, genders and gender orientations, ages and other personal characteristics. In line with the Equality Act 2010, we would never discriminate on the grounds of a personal characteristic, or collude (actively or passively) with any of our contacts, sponsors or facilities providers to do so. At a wider level, we respect all people and believe in human dignity.

Members of Council and volunteers agree to:

  • be polite, professional and respectful in all communications, including in person and in emails and texts, and use correct job titles where appropriate
  • act in a timely manner and in the best interests of the ALSGBI
  • declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest

Current ALSGBI Council List

Position Member
President Professor T Arulampalam
President Elect
Past President Mr D Mahon
Honorary Secretary Professor N Francis
Honorary Treasurer Mr S Higgs
Director of Education Mr A Awan
Members of Council Anglian – Mr N Keeling
Ireland – Mr G Macaulay
Midlands – Mr J Ahmad
Northern and Yorkshire – Professor YKS Viswanath
North West and Mersey – Professor C Selvasekar
North Thames – Mr M Adamo
Oxford and Wessex – Professor J Khan
Scotland – Professor I Ahmed; Ms S Shaikh
South Thames – Mr I Jourdan
South and West – Ms E Upchurch
Trent – Mr I Bhatti
Wales – Mr G Whiteley
Academy Representative Ms T Morrison
AUGIS Representative Mr N Maynard
ACPGBI Representative Ms A Siddika
ASiT Representative Mr M Harris
ALSGBI Representative at AUGIS Professor YKS Viswanath
ALSGBI Representative at BOMSS Mr A Awan
ALSGBI Representative at EAES Professor N Francis
ALTS Representative Mrs D Gooch
ALTS Deputy Representative Ms A Jones
BOMSS Representative Mr C Parmar
CORESS Representative Mr A Day
Director of Audit Mr A Day
Diversity & Equality Representative Mr A Reddy
Editorial Secretary Mr N Keeling
Research Director Professor J Khan
Website Director Mr N Keeling
Welfare Officer Mr A Day

Honorary Members

Professor Michael Bailey
Professor Willem Bemelman
Professor Luigi Boni
Professor Philippus Bornman
Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri
Professor Steven Demeester
Mr Norman Dorricott
Dr Jean-Louis Dulucq
Mrs Christine Fielding
Mr George Fielding
Professor Brice Gayet
Dr Stephen Grobler
Professor Christiano Huscher
Dr J R Jamieson
Professor Scott Kelley
Professor Michael Kendrick
Dr Dominic King
Mr James Kinross
Mr Michael Li
Professor Hans Lonroth
Professor Michael McMahon
Professor Roger Motson
Professor Les Nathanson
Dr Nick O’Rourke
Professor Chinnusamy Palanivelu
Professor Michael Parker
Professor Amjad Parvaiz
Dr Joe Petellin
Mr Romain Pizzi
Dr J A Potgieter
Professor Saumitra Rawat
Miss Chantelle Rizan
Dr Barry Salky
Professor Lee Swanstrom
Mr Sandie R Thomson
Mr Ben Tipney
Dr Tim Tollens
Professor Mark I. Van Berge Henegouwen
Professor Heine Van Der Walt
Professor Martin Walz

The Constitution can be accessed HERE