Developing Digital Resources for Learning: Ibrahim Khawaja – CT1 North West 

Our aim:

Digital education is a valuable adjunct for operative training and the use of this platform is rapidly expanding across many different forums. It can assist for operative training, especially during the current times of less availability in the operating theatre but increasing complexity in terms of patients and the procedures themselves.

Digital education is cost-effective and safe, and has increased accessibility with the ability to allow for remote training at a time suitable for the user. Evidence has demonstrated that cognitive rehearsal and simulation training can improve trainees’ performance in the operating theatre, and digital education is a platform to facilitate this.

Our aim is to create an ALSGBI Academy Digital Library that provides high level laparoscopic and robotic surgical videos for trainees to be able to access easily and utilise as a reference point prior to undertaking these procedures in real-life operating.

Progress so far:

  1. YouTube videos by our undergraduate team (link to undergrad team videos pending)
  2. LapPass® videos (please click HERE)
  3. Setting up a homemade box-trainer (please click HERE)
  4. ALSGBI Video of the Year (link to webpage pending)
  5. ALSGBI ASM Operating Videos (link to webpage pending)
  6. Educational videos on ALSGBI Academy official Twitter account – @ALSGBIAcademy
  7. Ongoing work on virtual reality and artificial intelligence with Hamish Mackenzie

Current projects:

  1. Producing instructional videos on minimally invasive (laparoscopic and robotic) surgical procedures commonly undertaken by trainees in a step-wise manner, from pre-operative set up to post-operative care
  2. Educational content related to common surgical emergencies
  3. Content related to specific grade of trainees, sub-specialities and exams
  4. Educational videos with narration from leading laparoscopic and robotic surgeons including access to “As-live” videos presented at the ALSGBI ASM


Please see below photographs from:

  • Digital surgeon lecture from ALSGBI ASM 2021 in London
  • VR talks from 2021 ASM and VR work with Hamish Mackenzie

Fluorescence-guided Surgery

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