Welcome to the trainee section of the ALSGBI website. Laparoscopic surgery truly crosses the boundaries of the conventional surgical specialties and we have worked hard to ensure that all ALSGBI trainees, regardless of their stage of training or sub-specialty will find material to interest them on this website.

1. Editorials

An up to date summary of the developments within various fields of laparoscopic surgical practice. These editorials have been written by ALSGBI Council members and contain evidence and opinion on all of the various sub-specialty laparoscopic. The level is appropriate to that required at the Intercollegiate Specialty Examination but will also provide an in-depth introduction to sub-specialty issues for more junior trainees.

2. ALSGBI Events and Courses

A regularly updated record of forthcoming events and courses that will be of interest to Laparoscopic Surgeons and Trainees. If you know of any event that has been missed from the list, please forward details to Jenny Treglohan (jtreglohan@alsgbi.org).

3. ALSGBI Fellowship

A list of current training fellowships, known to the ALSGBI Council to offer good opportunities for the acquisition of complex laparoscopic skills. If you have completed a Fellowship, whether in the UK or abroad that you think should be included in the database, please forward details to ALSGBI for consideration by the Education Director, Professor Tim Rockall.

4. Links to the other Surgical Specialty Websites and Trainee Groups

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If you feel there is anything missing from these pages or you would like ALSGBI to support your training in any other way, then please do get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.