Collaborative Research Lead: Miss Nayaab Abdul Kader – CT2 East of England

ALSGBI Academy Research Group

There is so much that we do not know, and so much that can be improved by challenging current practice and asking the question: is this the best way and if not, is there a better way?

Research is an integral part of surgical training and can also be a challenge to get involved in. The Research subdivision of the ALSGBI Academy prides itself in doing and facilitating the above. The group started by supporting collaborative regional groups and promoting external research projects. It has now progressed to producing Academy-led research!

Past Projects:

  • Snapshot Audit on the Current Practice of Minimal Access Surgery in the UK during COVID-19 Pandemic; North West Deanery x ALSGBI Academy
  • Use of extracorporeal knot-tying in Laparoscopic Surgery; ALSGBI Academy x Colchester
  • ALSGBI survey on access to Minimal-Access surgical training; ALSGBI Academy

Current Research:

  • Collaborative research in Robotic Surgery; ALSGBI Academy, The Griffin Institute & UCL
  • Disability and Neurodiversity in Surgery; ALSGBI Academy, ALSGBI Support Us Group & Anglia Ruskin Surgical Society
  • Enhancing Operative Outcomes; ALSGBI Academy & Malta Surgical

Research Collaboration

  • Product based research; ALSGBI & Advanced Medical Solutions


  • ASiT Covid Oral Prize Presentation 2020, Snapshot Audit, H Barrow et al.
  • ALSGBI Abstract of Distinction 2022, Extracorporeal Knot Tying, B Amini et al
  • Oxford Ideas Forum, Best poster 2023, T Mroczek, A Palepa, Support Us Group
  • RCS Sustainability in Surgery Day 2023, 2nd place poster prize, D Perera


  • A Review into current robotic surgical systems for minimally-invasive specialties, Oral, M Boal, EAES, Rome, 2023
  • Use of extracorporeal knot-tying in Laparoscopic Surgery

Oral, B Amini, ALSGBI ASM, Newcastle, 2022

  • Intersectionality in Surgery – Can we be better allies to women in surgery? Poster, N Abdul Kader & ALSGBI Academy, ASiT, Aberdeen, 2022
  • Snapshot Audit on the Current Practice of Minimal Access Surgery in the UK during COVID-19 Pandemic, Oral, H Barrow, ASiT, Virtual, 2020


  • Evaluation status of current and emerging minimally invasive robotic surgical platforms; M Boal et al, 2023. Accepted: Surgical Endoscopy

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