Presidential Introduction

Mike Parker - President ALSGBI It is my great pleasure to welcome members and friends of the ALS to our 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting. The opportunity to hold this meeting in Cardiff at the end of my two year term as President is especially poignant because I grew up there and attended Cardiff High School before leaving in 1978 to go to medical school. I returned in 1991 as lecturer of surgery at the University Hospital of Wales, and had the most unusual experience of working alongside my father who was Professor of Gastroenterology there at the time. I was also privileged to work with Brian Rees and back in 1992/3 we did eight minimally invasive oesophagectomies, eventually presented and published at the world congress in Kyoto. How things have come full circle with the new interest in MIO!

I am delighted that we have attracted several prominent international speakers. George Fielding from New York will debate with Karl Miller from Salzburg about the role of laparoscopic gastric banding, whilst Christine Ren-Fielding will be the BJS Lecturer, speaking on the subject of “New horizons in the treatment of morbid obesity”. On top of that, the next President of the ALS, Tim Rockall, will present a fascinating insight into 3D surgery. With our guest speakers concentrating on aspects of obesity surgery, it is not surprising that our local organisers led by Umesh Khot have prepared a range of bariatric procedures for the live operating day transmitted to Cardiff from Morriston Hospital. This will include the opportunity to see several of the UK’s leading bariatric surgeons performing a laparoscopic gastric bypass. I look forward to comparing the different approaches of Richard Welbourn, Roger Ackroyd and Simon Dexter.

The social side of the programme is no less attractive with an ALS Industry Partners’ Reception & ALS Conference Dinner at the National Museum Cardiff.


Mr Michael Rhodes
President, ALSGBI


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