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Running order for ALS Oral Presentations Session on Friday 21 November 2008

Surgery for recurrence is more common after laparoscopic as compared to open repair of primary inguinal hernia in England
Mr J Slavin, Mr D Corless, Mr M Shah, Mr G David, Mr Y El-dhuwaib

The effect of consultant caseload on re-operation for recurrence following inguinal hernia repair in England

Mr J Slavin, Mr D Corless, Mr M Shah, Mr G David, Mr Y El-dhuwaib

Laparoscopic Surgery for Iloecaecal Crohn’s disease – a single centre experience

Prof RW Motson, Mr M Kaushal, Mr J Khan

Minimally Invasive Oesophagectomy is the procedure of choice for early oesophago-gastric cancer

Mr SA Wajed, Mr R G Berrisford, Dr I Chandler, Mr D Veeramootoo, Dr C Taylor

Short-term outcome of fertility-sparing laparoscopic excision of deeply infiltrating pelvic endometriosis performed in a tertiary referral centre

Mr AC Windsor, Mr CRG Cohen, Mr A Cutner, Dr J Farren, Mr AH Engledow

Gasless Balloon Laparoscopy – a New Method in Abdominal Diagnostics

Dr med O Horstmann, Dr med M Leinert, Mr med M Volland

Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery as a definitive treatment in chronic failed medical management, for upper and lower respiratory tract diseases

Mr C P Armstrong, Mr AA Warsi

Follow-up and distance from centre are important determinants in weight loss post laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

Mr M Rhodes, Dr P Sivagnanam

Bariatric Surgery in the fast tract: Predicting uneventful recovery

Mr R Welbourn, Mr D Mahon, Mr S Humadi, Dr S Jafferbhoy, Miss SK Richards

Incidence of retained stones after laparoscopic transcystic or choledochotomy bile duct exploration

Mr A Nassar, Mr S Ahmed, Mr F Hanif, Dr M Abdel-samie


Running order for ALS DVD Session on Friday 21 November 2008

Misadventures in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Bile Duct Exploration

A Belgaumkar, B Murgatroyd, K Carswell, AG Patel

Laparoscopic Ladd’s Procedure

C Ray

Laparoscopic repair of perforated Duodenal Ulcer

S Agrawal, M Seenath, CVN Cheruvu

Laparoscopic Removal of meshoma and repair of recurrent right inguinal hernia

P Borg, A Gilliam, YKS Viswanath

Coeliac Axis Compression Syndrome – Laparoscopic Release of the Median Arcuate Ligament

M Mahmalat, H Shepherd, S Somers, C Wakefield

Laparoscopic Transcystic Lithoclast and Retrieval of an Impacted CBD Stone

C Pring, LK Nathanson

Minimally Invasive Oesophagectomy (MIO)

R Veeramootoo, C Taylor, R Krishnadas, RG Berrisford, SA Wajed

Laparoscopic Treatment of Endometriosis involving the Rectum

A Engledow, GEL Bond-Smith, R Cohen, A Windsor, A Cutler


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